“Everything Everywhere All At Once”: The trailer depicts Michelle Yeoh’s multiverse

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    At last, the trailer of Everything Everywhere All At Once rings come true. We have seen Michelle Yeoh is in fact everywhere all at once in this latest movie. It has been directed by the Daniels duo means Daniel  Kwan and Daniel Scheinert, that is the exact team behind the absurd  Swiss Army Man that is featuring yet another Daniel: Daniel Radcliffe.

    Everything Everywhere All At Once: Details

    Everything Everywhere All At Once Trailer -

    It is reported that Yeoh will feature as, “ an exhausted Chinese American woman who cannot seem to finish her taxes,” but the film contains many things above it. The trailer starts with Yeoh, aka Evelyn  Wang who is discussing her finances with the entire unrecognizable Jamie Lee Curtis.

    It is sudden that she has been flung into another universe through the rolling officer chair and also the lens that we have been watching Yeoh through the cracks,  on her face that has been reflected in such different multiple shards. She has just entered the multiverse.

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    Watch The Surreal Everything Everywhere All At Once Trailer - CELEBRITY GIG  MAGAZINE

    After that Yeoh has greeted by her alternate universe husband, who says to her that she should stop a “ great evil” that is spreading across each of the parallel universes.  It is very lucky for Yeoh that she is able to access all the several different versions of herself and also provide her the skills and also the memories of each of the variations, while that contains some kick-ass battling, sign spinning or may act as a professional chef.

    Everything Everywhere All at Once (2022) - IMDb

    It has just been watching Curtis that provides a vibe of Freaky Friday, but seeing Yeoh slipping in between the different universes and visiting with the different roles in each one that has been reminded about the chaos that arrives with sudden inhabiting someone else’s body excepting the time, that is her own.

    This film will release on 25th March 2022.

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    Here is the trailer:

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