Check out the top scorer list of Europe’s biggest clubs

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    Here’s the top scorer list in Europe’s biggest clubs. Gear up your excitement, as you’ll be thrilled to know the names on the list. 

    Top scorer list in Europe’s biggest clubs: check out the top five names below

    1: Lionel Messi, 672 goals, Barcelona: And there we go with the first name! The legendary Lionel Messi had a striking number of 672 goals in his cabinet for Barcelona before he left Camp Nou in 2021 to join PSG. 

    2: Eusebio, 638 goals, Benefica: Called the “Black Pearl” or “O Rei,” was a Portuguese striker. He was considered as of the best players of all time and surely priceless for Benefica, as reflected in his goal numbers for the club. 

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    3: Gerd Muller, 554 goals, Bayern Munich: The German striker has always been a top name in the football World. Known for his clinical finishing, he’s always noted as one of the greatest names in the history of football. His goal stats speak for themselves. 

    4: Cristiano Ronaldo, 451 goals, Real Madrid: The all-time football, great Portuguese legend Cristiano Ronaldo had an amazing tenure with Real Madrid before he left for Juventus. He has smacked a total of 451 goals for Real Madrid. 

    5: Francesco Totti, 307 goals, Roma: Often referred to as L’Ottavao Re di Roma by the Italian media, Totti is one of the greats to have played for the Italian national football team and Roma at the club level. He has smacked 307 goals in his club career for the sole club he has played for. 

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    That’s the list of the top five goal scorers in Europe’s biggest clubs. Who’s your favorite? 

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