EURO 2020 Final Set between Italy and England

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    The EURO 2020 final is set BETWEEN Italy and England, which will take place on July 12th, at 12:30 AM at the Wembley Stadium. Italy defeated Spain in the semi-finals, by the penalty shootout score of 4-2, after the match was drawn on 1-1.

    On the other hand, England set their path to their road to finals by defeating Denmark on 8th July, by a score of 2-1 in the additional time.

    Performance of Italy through the tournament

    Italy has been phenomenal throughout EURO 2020. They are probably the most successful team of the contest, scoring 12 goals overall, and 4 penalty shootout goals against Spain. Italy dominated every team, in terms of the goal they scored, and every player had a significant contribution in it.

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    They have shown a decent team game, in terms of scoring goals, assists, ball possession, etc. All their players, especially including Ciro Immobile, Matteo Pessina, Lorenzo Insigne, and Manuel Locatelli, have been in good form and are expected to make their nation the champion of the EURO cup for the second time after 1968.

    England’s performance in the EURO 2020

    England has also played fabulously in the tournament, with just one match drawn, and other dominating wins. They have scored 10 goals till now.

    The Raheem Sterling and Harry Kane combo has ruled most of the teams, that have come their way, and they are probably looking forward to doing the same with Italy in the finals. Though they know that Italy is a hard nut to crack, so they won’t take them that easy.

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    The Englishmen will be strongly determined to win their first-ever EURO cup. They have been in the semi-finals of the tournament earlier, but never won one.

    Win Prediction

    Both the teams have performed wonderfully in the tournament, and as a result, we will see them collide with each other on 12th July. But between them, Italy will have a little bit more chance to win the tournament, because of the entire team game, and governing performance. However, a competitor like England will also not let Italy go easily.

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