English football ready for independent regulator upcoming year

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    English football is all set for the “biggest revolution” in three decades, with the Government looking to impose an independent regulator on the game. Following the debacle around the failed project Big Picture and European Super League proposals, Tracey Crouch MP recommended an independent regulator in her Fan Led review last year.

    English football is all set for an independent regulator

    In the review, it was focused that the English football required an independent regulator with the particular makeup of the sport signifying everyone often inclined towards their best interest as the Premier League, EFL, and FA have separate priorities. 

    Reports suggest that Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has ‘signed off’ the regulator, likely to become a law by 2024 along with an authorized panel. It must have an “appropriate individual to head the football regulator.”

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    The decision has a higher chance of being unpopular in certain parts of the game, with the greatest sides of the Premier League ‘likely to come under greater scrutiny under the new regulator.’ 

    The report also speaks that a new regulator won’t restrict Middle Eastern Investors from buying into the likes of Manchester United and Liverpool concerning their human rights record, though they would be interested in shutting down the severe mismanagement at clubs like Bury and Derby. It’s most likely to take a comprehensive approach to the so-called State-sponsorship of clubs, as had been visible for the likes of Newcastle and Manchester City. 

    It further adds, Owners and directors test is likely to be strengthened and better corporate governance imposed,” and every club is ready to go for independent directors than be managed by a cozy string of owner’s friends. 

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    Since the onset of the Premier League in 1992, the independent regulator move stands out to be the biggest one in English football.

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