Ed Sheeran and Taylor Swift working together after 10 years; Here’s the full list of the 30 songs

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    Ed Sheeran and Taylor Shift have been back working together after 10 years. The American singer reunited with the British star Ed Sheeran.

    Taylor Swift has confirmed the full track-list for her next release, Red (Taylor’s version). The music album will release on 19th November.

    The album will consist of 30 songs and will be the second album of this style released by Swift after ‘Fearless’ (Taylor’s version) earlier this year.

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    This is the full list of songs on ‘Red’ (Taylor’s version):

    1. ‘State of grace’ [Taylor’s version]

    2. ‘Red’ [Taylor’s version]

    3. ‘Treacherous’ [Taylor’s version]

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    4. ‘I knew you were trouble’ [Taylor’s version]

    5. ‘All toowell’ [Taylor’s version]

    6. ’22’ [Taylor’s version]

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    7. ‘I almost do’ [Taylor’s version]

    8. ‘We are never ever getting back together’ [Taylor’s version]

    9. ‘Stay stay stay’ [Taylor’s version]

    10. ‘The last time’ (ft. Gary Lightbody de Snow Patrol) [Taylor’s version]

    11. ‘Holy ground’ [Taylor’s version]

    12. ‘Sad beautiful tragic’ [Taylor’s version]

    13. ‘The lucky one’ [Taylor’s version]

    14. ‘Everything has changed’ (ft. Ed Sheeran) [Taylor’s version]

    15. ‘Starlight’ [Taylor’s version]

    16. ‘Begin again’ [Taylor’s version]

    17. ‘The moment I knew’ [Taylor’s version]

    18. ‘Come back… be here’ [Taylor’s version]

    19. ‘Girl at home’ [Taylor’s version]

    20. ‘State of grace’ [Acoustic version] [Taylor’s version]

    21. ‘Ronan’ [Taylor’s version]

    22. ‘Better man’ [Taylor’s version] [From the vault]

    23. ‘Noghing new’ (ft. Phoebe Bridgers)

    24. ‘Babe’ [Taylor’s version] [From the vault]

    25. ‘Message in a bottle’ [Taylor’s version] [From the vault]

    26. ‘I bet you thing about me’ (ft. Chris Stapleton) [Taylor’s version] [From the vault]

    27. ‘Forever winter’ [Taylor’s version] [From the vault]

    28. ‘Run’ (ft. Ed Sheeran) [Taylor’s version] [From the vault]

    29. ‘The very first night’ [Taylor’s version] [From the vault]

    30. ‘All too well’ (10 minute version) [Taylor’s version] [From the vault]


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