For the upcoming football World Cup which is all set to take place in Qatar, EA Sports have predicted that the former two-time champions in this event, Argentina will be victorious once more, this year. The prediction of EA Sports generally doesn’t go wrong, with all of them for the past three World Cups having been predicted right. We have to see whether this year’s streak of predicting right for EA Sports continues or breaks.

EA Sports have predicted all the past winners right

For the past 3 World Cups, EA Sports have made the impossible thing, possible by making all three predictions for 2010, 2014, and 2018 World Cup right. As we all know that Spain, Germany, and France emerged victoriously in their respective years, and EA Sports told it even before the WCs kicked off.

In 2010, Spain lifted the prestigious trophy, with Andres Iniesta the then-captain leading this team toward victory in the final. In 2014, Germany was a well-deserving champion. Though Argentina was also in sensational form and gave a tough fight to their opposition, Germany was the one who laughed the last laugh in the additional time. In 2018, the world saw the emergence of then-upcoming greats like Kylian Mbappe and Antoine Griezman, with France lifting the World Cup.

Will the prediction go right this year?

Many of the fans want the prediction of EA Sports to go right this year and want Argentina to win this year. This will be the legendary Lionel Messi’s last World Cup, and there have been many talks earlier on that a great player like him has never won this event. Based on the experience and record of EA Sports it is also predicted that their prediction is likely to win, and Argentina does have a strong team indeed, which makes them a strong contender for this year’s World Cup.

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