Diablo Immortal adding new features and improved rewards

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    The most recent patch for Diablo Immortal will debut on April 12 in the Americas and April 11 everywhere else. According to Blizzard, it will introduce new limited-time events, a new battle pass to advance through, as well as changes to the game’s Empowered and Collector’s battle pass rewards.

    Future buyers of a premium battle pass for Diablo Immortal will receive three regular gems at ranks 5 and 35 as a reward. Additionally, the one-star Legendary Gem Seled’s Awakening, which was previously awarded at ranks 5, 20, and 35, will be replaced by the potent two-star Legendary gem Fervent Fang at rank 20.

    Starting with this new Diablo Immortal update, players who purchase the Collector’s Empowered battle pass will receive even more rewards.

    Battle Archive Coins, a new currency that can be used to buy extra gems, cosmetics, and other items featured in earlier seasonal battle passes, will also be awarded in certain ranks of Collector’s Empowered battle passes. Each season will feature a different set of items in the Battle Archive shop. The game’s free battle pass does not seem to be changing at this time.

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    The update also aims to make the PvP battleground experience better. Blizzard has worked to improve matchmaking while also punishing queue-dodging players. Players who repeatedly cancel matchmade games will now get an in-game warning and be banned from battlegrounds for five minutes.

    Diablo Immortal
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    This new Diablo Immortal update ought to make it significantly simpler for people who frequently retool their Paragon Points to do so. With the removal of the seven-day timer for Paragon Point resets and the addition of Paragon Point builds to saved loadouts in the Armory, players will be able to switch between builds more quickly.

    The Shady Stock and Into the Dark Wood events, two limited-time events for Diablo Immortal, will be arriving in the near future. In exchange for arbitrary Legendary items and other rewards, players will complete daily tasks in both scenarios.

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    The previous patch for Diablo Immortal added Accursed Towers, a brand-new PvE/PvP game mode, to the free-to-play RPG. After earlier this year’s update added fishing to the Diablo Immortal world, Blizzard is now looking to add more non-combat activities.

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