New Destiny 2 season 17 trailer gives a first look at the Haunted Storyline

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    The long-awaited trailer for Destiny 2 season 17 debuted yesterday, hours before the show’s scheduled to premiere. The clip teases what fans can expect from the new season, which premieres tomorrow, including the plot, a familiar theme, and the next class to be overhauled.

    With the reappearance of Calus and a slew of Nightmares on the loose, the Season of the Haunted video focuses on Hive and The Darkness. Finally, the Crown of Sorrow is depicted in the final promo art, an item of terrible power that foreshadows another storyline angle.

    The new cinematic was published when Sony released a Japanese version of the trailer, leading Bungie to quickly release the official English-language version.

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    Here’s the new Destiny 2 Season 17 trailer below

    “Driven by an insatiable lust for power, Calus seeks the approval of a new master,” the video description reads. “His once-opulent ship, now derelict and corrupted, has returned to our galaxy—its sights set on the power promised by the Pyramid ship lying dormant on the Moon.”

    According to the description, Calus’ Leviathan would create a connection with the Pyramid, causing Nightmares to “threaten to punish all who dare intervene.”

    Season of the Haunted will have two activities in addition to the story’s overtones: Nightmare Containment and a weekly Sever mission, both of which will be integral to the gameplay cycle. Season of the Haunted will be released tomorrow, and the official seasonal page will give fans a taste of some returning weapons straight from Calus’ armory, as well as new weapons to utilize.

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