Dead Island 2 Showcase will focus on more Action and Zombies

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    Dead Island 2 has remained fairly quiet since its re-reveal, which has disappointed many fans. However, publisher Deep Silver and developer Dambuster Studios plan to rectify this in an upcoming demonstration on December 6. Dead Island 2 has had a difficult development, regularly changing developer hands, but it now appears the game is moving forward with vigour toward release.

    A week has passed since Dead Island 2’s postponement was disclosed before this showcase unveiling. Dead Island 2 will now be released on April 28 instead of its original release date of February 3, 2023. Given its past, the developer was undoubtedly aware of the irony in postponing the game, but it has only been a few months, and the news reassures supporters that it is nearing completion.

    Dead Island 2 doesn’t seem to be experiencing the typical game delays that result in a lull in marketing.

    On December 6 at 1 PT/4 ET, there will be a Dead Island 2 Showcase, as announced via its official Twitter account. In a “exclusive gameplay reveal, displayed in an explosive cinematic live-action pulp adventure,” the company promises blood, gore, and gameplay. It will also contain an exclusive first look at the game and possibly some of its unannounced features.

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    Dead Island
    credit: gamespot

    The official YouTube account defines the video as “follow[ing] three fearless survivors in their search for a safe haven from the outbreak and zombie hordes,” thus it appears that this showcase will concentrate on a more personal demonstration of the game. In other words, players will only encounter three of the six playable characters in Dead Island 2 if they assume they are just chosen at random for the video. They are reportedly examining the “abandoned” Hollywood Hills estate of a local video game and film producer, although that’s obviously a risky move. Though at this point it is just conjecture, it does look like there will be some fantastic interiors to explore.

    Though, since Dead Island 2 fans are aware of when they can expect fresh content, this rumour won’t last for long. The Game Awards are held on December 8, which is oddly just two days after that date. It’s good that Dead Island 2 is making an effort to stand out from the competition, but this doesn’t guarantee that gameplay will be shown again at the event. Fans currently only have a few weeks to wait and find out.

    Dead Island 2 launches on April 28, 2023, for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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