DC United appoints Wayne Rooney as the manager; breaks MLS’ diversity hiring system

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    Major League Soccer posed a fine of $25,000 on DC United. By hiring Wayne Rooney as the head coach, they have breached the ‘diversity hiring policy’.

    DC United was fined by MLS for not following hiring rules

    MLS needs clubs to ensure ‘the finalist pool’ for an important position ‘must have two or more candidates from underrepresented groups, where at least one competitor must be either black or African-American.’ DC has not abided by the same.

    Wayne Rooney played for the club later in his professional journey. He was appointed the manager in July this year, and one of his competitors couldn’t be called in the ‘finalist pool’ interview because DC got to know during the interview tenure that the particular individual wasn’t available to go for the job. 

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    An MLS statement read, 

    ” The club remained obligated to bring an additional candidate from an underrepresented group into the ‘finalist pool’ or request a waiver from MLS detailing the extenuating circumstances.” 

    It creates a terrible year for Manchester United and England star Wayne Rooney, who concluded the regular season with DC solid-bottom of MLS’ eastern conference.

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    What is the club saying?

    DC United said that they respect MLS’s decision concerning their appointment of Wayne Rooney as the head coach in the initial part of the season. They further said that it’s their fundamental practice to prioritize interviewing candidates belonging to the underrepresented groups including all leadership and coaching positions across the organization. This has been helpful for the club to create one of the most diverse leadership groups across MLS. 

    The forward Taxi Fountas will not be in discipline after the league found a credible allegation against him of racially abusing Inter Milan defender Aime Mabika while a match was on 18th September but was unable to corroborate evidence.

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