Dani Alves’s multi-million dollar salary loss at the Pumas revealed

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    Dani Alves is currently going through the worst phase of his life at the Barcelona prison due to the acquisition of sexual assault on a young woman a month ago in a nightclub in the city. And with time flying away, new information has been popping up related to Dani Alves in his preliminary hearing in the court in front of the judge.

    Sources state that the judge asked Dani Alves what was the salary of the Brazilian at the Pumas per month. Answering the question, Alves said only 30,000 euros on a monthly basis. The judge had a copy of the contract Alves with Pumas for cross-checking his statement and clarified that the Brazilian earned 3 million euros monthly in Puma, which is equivalent to six million Mexican pesos.

    Puma did pay the amount to Dani Alves

    Reports state that Puma did pay the said amount to Dani Alves with the help of sponsors, but the footballer certainly didn’t receive it when his contract as a Puma player was terminated. Once Dani Alves got engaged in these legal proceedings, Puma decided not to extend the contract with the player, and terminated it eventually, considering the accusations made against Alves.

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    What is Dani Alves’s present allegation?

    Bringing Dani Alves’s testimony into account, he said that he is not aware of the alleged victim, as he has never even tried to mess with others or even their personal spaces, and the statement was also supported by his partner, Joana Sanz.

    The victim said in her statement that Alves took her by hand to a hidden door, which was actually a service bathroom. She tried to escape, but couldn’t get her hands off the footballer. She said that he sat on the toilet, pulled up her dress, asked her to sit on top of him, and also threw her into the floor, forcing him to give him a fellatio. She actively resisted his actions and but he slapped her, and penetrated her until he ejaculated.

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