Czech Republic: The Dark Horse of EURO 2020!

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    At the start of the EURO 2020, many fans, as well as experts, suggested many teams who will be the dark horse in this season of EURO 2020. Some opted for Sweden, others opted for Poland. Besides, some stated that either Russia or Turkey will be the dark horse of this season. However, based on the present performance of the team till now, and since we have come to the top 8 in EURO 2020, it seems like the Czech Republic is one with the title of a dark horse here.

    Performance by the Czech Republic

    The Czech Republic has been good in its performance so far. However, they lost a match against England, but still, they have marked their efficiency, in all the matches. Also, anyone could say nothing, if Czech Republic becomes the winner of EURO 2020. They are certainly deserving. And this was proved after their match against the Netherlands.

    The Netherlands who was known among the greatest dark horses in football history, faced a 2-0 defeat against Czech, in the top 16 round knockout stage on Sunday. Both the goals in the second half, where Tomas Holes netted the first one and Patrik Schick scored the winner for his team.

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    The Czech Republic also defeated Scotland by 2-0 and drew against Croatia, which was 1-1. Their only defeat came against England, where Raheem Sterling scored the goal soon in the 12th minute, and the entire match except that was goalless. They have also been brilliant in their pass accuracy, which has played a major role in their success till now.

    Patrik Schick Efficiency

    Patrik Schick the striker of the Czech Republic, has been brilliant in the tournament. He has scored 4 goals out of his 5 appearances and played the key role in every match where his team was undefeated. He is likely to show his consistency in the quarters as well, and contribute to his team by his level best.

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    Patrik Schick

    The Upcoming Fixtures

    The black horse of the EURO 2020, will next lock horns with Denmark on Saturday, 3rd July, at Baku Olympic Stadium in the quarter-final. Denmark who has also proved its efficiency so far will certainly give a tough fight to their opposition. On the other hand, Czech Republic will be looking forward to winning their second European Championship in 2021, the first being in 1976, as Czechoslovakia.

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