Cristiano Ronaldo: The impressive Net worth and earnings in 2021

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    Cristiano Ronaldo is one of the legendary footballers in the names of the history of football. Very few other people have managed to achieve such personal and collective feats.

    Cristiano has played for many biggest clubs in the world, such as Juventus, Real Madrid, and Manchester United. He has received profitable salaries from a very young age.

    Ronaldo again came back for a second spell to play with the Red Devils. Now, he is 36years of age and he earns 561,000 euros per week.

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    The money that he earned from his on-field is being utilized as just part of his overall wealth with various commercial deals and sponsorships seeing his personal wealth break the one billion dollar mark.

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    In the year 2020, Ronaldo’s total earnings of his career have crossed one billion dollars (861.36m euros) as of October 2021, while he was playing with Serie A giants Juventus. Meanwhile, Ronaldo’s net worth was placed at 500 million dollars (432.7m euros).

    Ronaldo’s sponsorship deal

    Ronaldo has represented a wide range of high-profile bands in his whole career. The bands include Herbalife, Armani, Clear Shampoo, and Unilever. The deals bring in a total of around 45m dollars
    (39m euros).

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    Ronaldo gets extra 20m dollars (17m euros) annually from his contract with sporting brand Nike, as well as a host of other well-known companies with whom he collaborates.

    Aside from sponsorship deals with other brands, Ronaldo is a businessman in his own right, having created several successful ventures.

    These include hair transplant clinics across Spain and Portugal, which bring an estimated 115m dollars (99.34m euros) per year, as well as his CR7 underwear range.

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