Cristiano Ronaldo’s splendid house purchase might reveal his next team

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    A few days ago reports talked about Cristian Ronaldo’s big purchase of a new house in his homeland, Portugal. The house at present is estimated at 11 million dollars. But, with all the remodeling the superstar player is willing to incorporate, the cost will stand at 21 million dollars.

    Cristiano Ronaldo’s big purchase in Portugal: will it reveal the name of his next team?

    Questions are coming up. What’s his aim behind spending so much for a home in Portugal? There are certain speculations that this step is not a coincidence. After the Football World Cup in Qatar, Cristiano Ronaldo’s chances of being with Manchester United are very low. His future might be in Portugal, especially with the club he started his journey with Sporting Clube de Portugal. 

    The spectacular 2,720 sq meter mansion lies just at a distance of 40 minutes from Lisbon. Hence, the country press is already talking about a return.

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    Will the star return to his first team?

    Cristiano Ronaldo will surely like to be a part of a premium-level team with top-notch ambitions to achieve everything. However, it seems with his growing age and with not performing with his real charm, offers are limited. In such a case, he might be playing for a not-so-elite club. 

    Rumors were already there that the upcoming summer will see Cristiano Ronaldo’s entry to Sporting. However, in the end, something similar didn’t happen. 

    The purchase of the sensational mansion for such a huge price signifies Ronaldo’s planning for his future. Whatever the case is, it will be clearer after the Worldcup. 

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    Fans are eager to see their favorite player all set to play his last World Cup in Qatar (most probably). What’s awaiting the fans in the tournament? Let’s all keep patience and wait for the huge celebrations to begin.

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