Top 10 countries against whom Cristiano Ronaldo has scored the most goals

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    Cristiano Ronaldo has established himself among the greatest of all time, and to many experts and fans, he is arguably the greatest. He has 122 international goals in his pocket, which is the most by any footballer, and he is even hungrier than ever before for scoring goals and performing well for his club. In this regard, often a question arrives which are the teams that Ronaldo has scored the most? Have a look here.

    1. Luxembourg

    Luxembourg is the country where Ronaldo has scored the most goals in his career, with 11. In Portugal’s recent match against Ronaldo scored two more goals against the team to make his tally 122, and the country eventually secured a victory over Luxembourg by a massive score of 6-0. Even before this match, Ronaldo had his highest goals against Luxembourg; this match only increased the figures.

    2. Lithuania and Sweden

    Next in this list comes the name of Lithuania and Sweden against whom Ronaldo has scored a total of 7 goals. The Portuguese legend has been pretty good against these two sides, which is quite clear by the numbers.

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    3. Andorra and Hungary

    Andorra, as well as Hungary, hasn’t been an exception in falling prey to Cristiano Ronaldo as well. Both the teams have seen the striker scoring 6 goals against them each.

    4. Latvia, Armenia, and Switzerland

    The Portuguese forward has scored 5 goals each for all these three countries, including Latvia, Armenia, and Switzerland. Especially, Ronaldo has faced Armenia and Switzerland several times, and it is clear why he loves playing against them.

    5. Estonia

    Last but not least comes the name of Estonia, against whom the Portuguese striker has scored 4 goals.

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    This is the list of the countries against whom the Portugal GOAT has scored the most. With the 38-year-old proving form is indeed temporary, class is permanent, these figures are likely to grow shortly.

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