Cristiano Ronaldo auctions his signed off shirt

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    Portuguese legend and Manchester United’s superstar Cristiano Ronaldo has signed one of his national jersey shirts, with the motive of auctioning it and raising funds for the La Palma’s volcanic eruption’s victims.

    Besides signing his Portugal shirt, Cristiano Ronaldo also left a message for all those affected people from the natural disaster that – “Not even the volcano force will be able to defeat the city of La Palma. He added that all his support for the beautiful island is there. The bidding for the shirt will start from December 24, 2021.

    Cristiano Ronaldo in charity work

    The kind act from CR7 came just before Christmas, as numerous resident forces in La Palma Island were forced to leave their shelters with nearly 3000 buildings were destroyed by the disaster.

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    Cristiano Ronaldo, the Portuguese Island of Madeira born has always been in charity work, and for this time also, it is not an exception. Earlier, he donated 900,000 euros to three hospitals situation in Portugal during the initial phase of the COVID19 pandemic.

    He is also an ambassador of Save the Children World Vision and UNICEF, signifying that his current decision to raise money and awareness for the affected La Palma people is an obvious thing for him to do.

    The auction of the jersey

    Cristiano Ronaldo is hoping that the jersey he has set to be auctioned will be able to raise plenty of money that will be useful for assisting the La Palma affected victims. The La Palma volcano began erupting back in September 2019 and has certainly caused huge damage to people, residing there.

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    As the new year is coming near, the cure of the damage caused by the volcano is on work, the rebuilding of the small island will also start soon.

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