Covid Plan B Restrictions Could See Vaccination Certificates Needed for Football Matches

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    The UK government is expected to initiate the much-speculated Plan B as an aid for ‘Covid 19’ restrictions. It might indicate fans would need to show their respective vaccination certificates at stadiums in the games this weekend. Amidst all these assumptions, there’s no clarity regarding the new measures that can be adopted. However, according to some leaked reports, showcasing vaccine passports to ensure safety is something that can be put forward. This measure could be taken to limit the further spread of the virus this winter.

    Fans to Show their Covid Vaccination Certificates?

    The new measure might signify its need in big events. Quite possibly, attending a crowded football stadium would fit into this category. Reportedly, the Premier League clubs already discussed this matter, to let people in after verifying their vaccination certificates.

    The rule applies to all the stadiums accommodating 10,000 seats and more. This will be important for the Premier League and Champions League matches. Premiership Rugby matches and Race meetings also come under this new legislation.

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    Expectantly, these measures could be made life this weekend. If so, there would be much interest to see how the new rules impact the crowd attendance in the football games. This Premier League season, the stadiums were all packed up and that has been an eye-soothing sight. However, there could be some serious causes behind implementing these serious measures. It will ensure the overall safety of fans coming and attending the big games in stadiums.

    Covid 19 Negative Report Suffices

    Premier League clubs were concerned that it would be mandatory for the fans to issue Covid 19 vaccination certificates. However, Boris Johnson (Prime Minister) has confirmed a negative lateral flow test will suffice. The consequences are to be seen in time.

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