Countries will diplomatic boycott Winter Olympics

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    The 2022 Winter Olympics will be organized in Beijing in China and is all set to begin in February of the next year. One of the most prestigious competitions on Earth will go on from February 4 and will continue till February 20, 2022.

    Generally, every country sends athletes as well as delegates to represent themselves in the Winter Olympics. Though for this time, some things will not be the same. Various countries have announced a diplomatic boycott of the Winter Olympics.

    Many countries have criticized China, reasoning human rights abuses to the Uyghur minority people in their north-western province in Xinjiang. Also, the suppression of China’s protests in Hong Kong is another reason why other nations have boycotted the rule of sending their delegates for the games.

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    Four Countries with this issue in the Winter Olympics

    Check out the name of the four countries that are to issue this boycott.

    Canada – Canada is one of the most successful teams in the history of the Winter Olympics with 74 gold medals in their pocket till now. However, the Canadian Prime Minister stated that their decision of diplomatic boycotting won’t be a surprise for China. He also said that they have been very clear over many years of their deep concerns regarding human rights as well as violations.

    The USA – The United States in America also comes on the list of having a huge success in the Winter Olympics with 105 gold medals, the second-highest by any country and have taken part in 23 Olympic Games the joint-most in the history of this prestigious competition. However, they have also been diplomatically boycotted and further, they will not send a single government official to the tournament.

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    Great Britain – Great Britain is one of the teams that have participated in the Winter Olympics every single time. However, Prime Minister Boris Johnson said that there will certainly be a diplomatic boycott in Beijing in this tournament which will be much effective. He further added that no ministers, as well as officials from their country, are expected to attend the tournament.

    Australia – The fourth nation to mark its name in this list of supporting diplomatic boycott is Australia. Australian PM stated that Australian government officials won’t be going to China for those games but only athletes will.

    There is a probability that more countries will soon be a part of this diplomatic boycott at the Winter Olympics, which will eventually force China to take action against the abuses of human rights in their country.

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