Counter Strike: Global Offensive just keeps breaking its own Concurrent Users benchmark

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    Despite being one of the oldest shooters in gaming, Counter Strike: Global Offensive is currently the most played game on Steam and is the second most played game of all time. Counter Strike:GO has never been more well-liked despite being released more than 11 years ago. The shooter recently surpassed 1,519,457 concurrent players over the weekend, breaking its own concurrent user record, which measures the number of players playing a game at once.

    The most recent long-standing record for Counter Strike: GO was 1,308,963 concurrent players, which was set back during the first pandemic lockdown, before recent rumours started to circulate, reviving interest in the game and driving up player numbers.

    The fact that the record was set the same week that Valve’s renowned first-person shooter, Counter Strike 2, was finally announced is probably not a coincidence.

    Counter Strike
    credit: eurogamer

    Although a limited test is already in progress, the release window for it is currently set for the summer of 2023. Only PUBG: Battlegrounds, which boasts a staggering concurrent record of 3.2 million players, surpasses Counter Strike: GO Steam’s concurrent peak of 1,519,457 players, making it the second-biggest game ever.

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    Currently, Steam is also incredibly popular. Its upward trend started in January 2020, three years prior, at the start of the COVID-19 crisis, when the world started to isolate itself. The previous record for the number of players on Steam, which stood at 18,537,490 as of January 2018, was broken on February 2, with a peak of 18,801,944 players.

    Since then, it has been broken several times, most notably during a weekend in March 2020 when numbers for the first time exceeded 20 million. The PC platform then reached a peak of 24.7 million users in December 2020, 26.5 million in February 2021, and at the end of October for the first time, it reached 30 million concurrent users.

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