Confirmed: Copa America 2021 will finally take place in Brazil

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    Speculations have been going on, regarding whether Copa America will take place or not, since the violent outbreak of Covid-19. Also, many stated that it might be further delayed, for the concerning issue of coronavirus. However, all these conjectures came to an end, when the governing authority, i.e., South American Football Confederation, Commebol, said that the tournament will take place in Brazil.

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    Copa America 2021 will finally take place in Brazil, Confirmed!

    Copa America 2021 Dates

    Argentina and Colombia were the earlier two hosts of the tournament, but due to the escalating Covid-19 cases there, the event will take place in Brazil from 13th June to 10th July, the administration added on 31st May, in its Twitter account.

    Continuous increase of Covid Cases

    Some hours before the announcement of the authority, Argentina even declared that they are giving up to host the tournament, due to their massive raise of covid cases. Besides, Colombia too did the same10 days earlier for the same issue. Hence, it was necessary to shift the host nation from these two countries, and Brazil got the duty, who hosted the tournament back in 2019.

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    Covid strikes for the second time in Argentina

    Santiago Cafiero, the Argentina Government’s head, said on Monday, that they tried their level best, and did everything to control the circumstances, and organize Copa America here itself, but for the epidemiological condition, everything became worse.

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    Santiago Cafiero

    Argentina is a country of 44 million people, from where 3.8 million people have been infected to this pandemic, including 77,000 deaths from its beginning. At present, the country’s daily recording covid cased in between 20,000 to 40,000.

    Santiago Cafiero also explained that they worked with the Conmebol authorities, and discussed various possible solutions. However, everything got beyond any authority and organization, which gave rise to the covid cases for the second time in the country.

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    Condition of Copa America in Brazil

    Though Copa America will take place in Brazil, being in a better condition compared to the other countries. But in general, corona scenes are not nil here. From the start of this pandemic, the country has recorded 4.6 lakhs deaths, there’s a possibility of the third wave of the pandemic to come here, according to the epidemiologists, as the number of confirmed cases in Brazil has reached 16 million till now.

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