Colton Herta: Possibly America’s Next F1 Superstar, Red Bull trying to bring him to F1

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    Soon after being acknowledged as a potential driver for Andretti’s future entry into Formula 1 and as a potential McLaren driver, it finally looks like Colton Herta will join F1 next year, however, it’ll be with Red Bull.

    The decision stems from rumors that current AlphaTauri driver Pierre Gasly will replace Fernando Alonso at Alpine, while Colton Herta will replace Gasly.

    There is no official confirmation of these moves, but both Helmut Marko and Colton Herta herself seem to have confirmed to the agreement between the two.

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    Why is Red Bull Set to Choose Colton Herta?

    The most evident reason for Red Bull’s interest has to be commercial. The appeal of having an American in F1 cannot be underestimated, and Red Bull would benefit greatly from promoting such a move.

    Another factor here is that, none of the drivers in Red Bull’s youth program really made much of an impression. The brand’s front-runner, Liam Lawson currently sits fifth in his Formula 2 rankings this year.

    Meanwhile, Colton Herta, races on the highly competitive IndyCar grid and has consistently impressed with his pace and raw skill behind the wheel. Herta made his IndyCar debut at just 18 years old on the final lap of his 2018 season, becoming the youngest winner in IndyCar history in his third race.

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    However, Herta maybe maddeningly fast as he is inconsistent. His talent is beyond doubt, but America has endured a series of crashes that challenge his consistency and ability to secure a championship.

    But the 22-year-old American has matured over time and if he joins Red Bull he will have the opportunity to learn from a driver who faced similar uncertainty in the form of Max Verstappen a few years ago. 

    Herta Struggles With FIA Super License

    The biggest stumbling block is the fact that Herta currently does not have the points required to obtain a Super License. Despite having finished in third place in the IndyCar championship, Herta’s lack of single-seater experience as a junior in Europe could hurt him.

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    However, the situation is rather the balance of a point system that does not value IndyCar’s competitiveness, and Red Bull may apply for an exemption from the governing body.

    Nonetheless, FIA ​​and F1 have, so far, been reluctant to make an exception for Herta, and team bosses such as Gunther Steiner (Haas), Frederic Vasseur (Alfa Romeo), and Toto Wolff are against the possibility of change, which means that the move is still in a state of suspension. 

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