CM Punk terminated from AEW: What’s next?

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    Reports have stated that CM Punk is no longer connected with AEW. The decision was made after his suspension following a backstage altercation with Jack Perry during AEW in London. 

    Seemingly, Tony Khan’s wrestling promotion has opted to separate from the former WWE star. The question stands: What’s in for CM Punk following his exit from AEW?

    What’s next for CM Punk after his exit from AEW?

    The pro wrestling realm saw something similar last year. Sasha Banks and Naomi had a backstage dispute with the WWE Creative. It eventually led to their departure from the company. 

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    Now again, it’s a backstage confrontation, but the place is AEW. During the latest AEW Collision event, Tony Khan surprisingly declared that the company has released CM Punk. The news was an absolute stunner to both Punk’s fans, and the promotions provided his immense popularity. 

    The statement from AEW CEO suggests the termination came from a thorough internal investigation into an incident that happened backstage at AEW All in London on Sunday, August 27th. Following the investigation, the AEW Discipline Committee, collaboratively with external legal counsel, unanimously recommended to Tony Khan that Punk be terminated with cause. 

    Despite some fans’ speculations about a possible return to WWE for the ‘Second City Saviour,’ CM Punk has brought severe allegations against WWE. That includes claims of medical negligence, lack of respect, and other issues when he quit the company. Given this scenario, it’s impossible to picture his return to WWE, provided there’s a drastic change in the situation. 

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    Possible career options

    Punk is undeniably one of the elite wrestlers in history, having won world titles in both WWE and AEW. He has several career options open, and if he follows the path of Banks, he can go for NJPW and gain a substantial following.

    MMA might not be his first priority, but exploring celebrity choices could be another fit for him. He has several options to choose from in the sports and entertainment world. 

    More reports suggest the backstage altercation wasn’t the only reason behind Punk’s firing. Khan felt physically threatened by him at All In during his try to get Punk back with refocus. 

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    Khan had a chat with the Chicago crowd ahead of the Collision last night and stated his side of the decision on the firing. He mentioned his safety was in jeopardy and that other members of AEW were in danger too. He added never before had he felt so threatened in a wrestling show until that moment came. 

    Now, after his exit, his fans would be eager to know which career path he decided to move to following an extremely popular wrestling career. 

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