China looking for a Graphene-based Technology to replace Silicon Chips

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    A partnership has been formed to address these concerns locally after numerous businesses and institutes proposed using graphene-based technology to replace current silicon-based devices at the China International Graphene Innovation Conference. Companies are coming up with strategies to manufacture more durable and effective chip technology in the future as the limitations of silicon-based semiconductor technology become more apparent every year.

    Because there are so few electron-scattering contaminants on the surface of graphene, it has particularly rich electron mobility. In terms of performance, graphene provides ten times the performance and low power consumption of silicon-based electronics. Future graphene-based processors will be introduced through collaboration between the Chint Group, Shanghai Electric Cable Institute, Shanghai Graphene Industry Technology Functional Platform, and numerous other organisations.

    Steel cannot compare to the strength of graphene and when compared to silicon, the strength is unrivalled. The development of semiconductor chips, thermal heat dissipation, effective batteries, and other products would be impossible without higher thermal and electrical conductivity than copper. Last but not least, graphene weighs less than one milligramme per square metre.

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    credit: wccftech

    IBM Corporation showed off graphene wafers with 100 GHz transistor frequency in 2010. Although the business claimed that chips could be made at transistor frequencies of 500 to 1000 GHz, no mass-produced graphene circuits have been made.

    There is however hope. It is anticipated that the market that TSMC and Samsung Electronics dominate, if not monopolise, will be more open for companies and institutions to profit from the manufacturing of such technology as a result of the large number of businesses researching graphene as a substitute for silicon in semiconductor chips.

    The expense of production and development is where graphene’s use in semiconductor chips is most severely constrained. Chips made from graphene are difficult to make and very expensive to produce. Since the theory’s inception, many years have passed, but no one has succeeded in stabilising the level necessary to start creating graphene chips in large quantities for the entire globe.

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