Canelo Alvarez threatens Lionel Messi after he ‘stomps’ the Mexican Jersey

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    Mexican boxer Saul “Canelo” Alvarez seems to threaten the superstar Argentine footballer Lionel Messi with regard to violence for supposedly stomping on a Mexico jersey, after his team defeated Mexico 2-0, on Saturday. 

    There’s a video, where the Argentine squad is seen celebrating their first win in the Qatar World Cup. In the celebratory video, Messi is seen to be lightly kicking the Mexico jersey as he tried discarding his cleats.

    Canelo threatens Messi after he ‘stomps’ Mexican jersey

    After the video, Canelo targeted the situation and took to his Twitter handle to express his dissatisfaction and frustration over the incident. He wrote, 

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    “Did you guys see Messi cleaning the floor with our jersey and flag? He better pray to God that I don’t find him.”

    His tweet further read, 

    “Just like I respect Argentina, he has to respect Mexico! I’m not talking about the country as a whole, just about the bulls**t that Messi did.”

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    Did the Argentine superstar actually step into the Mexican national flag?

    Alverez might not be clear about the actual incident before he furiously did the tweets. Because the clip doesn’t see any glimpse of the Mexican flag. 

    The thing is obvious, that Messi didn’t intend to step into the Mexican jersey lying on the floor. It might be so, that the jersey was lying on the ground due to the euphoria going on through the player’s bodies when the celebration was on. 

    It’s yet to be cleared which Mexican member swapped the jersey with the Argentine star, but it’s quite obvious the superstar is totally innocent of the alleged claim against him from Canelo. 

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    Argentina will have their next game against Poland on 1st December, this coming Thursday. Fans will look forward to another Messi magic that day.

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