Call of Duty Warzone 1.0 is now Warzone Caldera

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    Warzone 1.0 was briefly taken offline when Activision released Call of Duty: Warzone 2 a few weeks ago so that Raven Software could concentrate on providing support for the new title. Though Warzone 2’s flying boats, endless money problems, and regular crashes are keeping Raven busy, it has kept its word and brought Warzone 1.0 back online under a new moniker.

    Call of Duty: Warzone Caldera is the new name for Warzone 1. With several significant features lacking, Warzone is essentially the same as it was a few weeks ago. Caldera is the only map left, and battle royale Quads and Solos are the sole playlist possibilities. There is no new battle pass or means to access old battle pass material in Warzone, but all of the game’s current weaponry, custom classes, and unlocks are still available. With no roadmap and no significant improvements in the works, Warzone Caldera is currently effectively a Call of Duty game from the pre-service game period. A time-locked battle royale.

    Notably, the tiny map category for both Warzone 1 and its sequel has been eliminated by this relaunch (at least temporarily). The popular little map Fortune’s Keep, which earlier this year took the place of Rebirth Island, is no longer available, and Activision has no immediate plans to replace it, Rebirth, or Warzone’s original island Verdansk.

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    This is unfortunate news for the large portion of the Warzone community who had grown accustomed to playing in the more intimate, frantic setting of Fortune’s Keep/Rebirth Island. It seems unusual to abandon small maps when they have proven popular enough to remain in Warzone’s playlist rotation for the past two years, along with the Resurgence ruleset (a battle royale variant that automatically respawns squadmates if at least one player is alive). Although Activision has hinted at “interesting innovations” for lovers of small maps in Warzone 2’s upcoming seasons, the game does not yet support small maps.

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