Call of Duty: Warzone Season 5 patch is finally here

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    The highly anticipated Season 5 update for Call of Duty: Warzone has arrived on August 24, making it a significant day for the battle royale game. With this version, Warzone receives some important improvements, such as modifications to the lighting in Caldera, a volcanic eruption with lava, new items, more Operators, and more.

    This update is another large one in terms of file size, coming in at roughly 10 GB across all platforms.

    A new battle pass with 100 tiers of additional material is included in Warzone’s Season 5 update. The EX1 assault rifle energy weapon and the RA 225 submachine gun are two new weapons that are included in this, along with a new Operator named Raul Menendez, extra weapon blueprints, charms, and calling cards.

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    Heroes vs. Villains is a brand-new occasion that starts today, August 24, and lasts through September 14. To increase their team’s score, players will gather villain or hero tokens. The victorious team will receive a unique weapon blueprint and the chance to receive extra goodies.

    The Season 5 update also corrects some glitches, such as display errors for prestige levels and collision problems.

    The Season 5 update has new additions as well, such as the Doomsday Station, which costs $10,000 and sends an enemy AI chopper drop to conquer the location. The Supply Box UAV killstreak is another brand-new item that flags adjacent unopened supply boxes on the map for 20 seconds. The update also includes the Rage Serum field upgrade. For 40 seconds, this improves a player’s ability to maneuver in close quarters by, among other things, accelerating movement and lung distance.

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