Call of Duty: Cheating will now lead to your Weapons being Confiscated by Activision

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    Online make every effort to avoid hacking and cheating during matches, but they rarely succeed. Cheating has unfortunately gotten more prevalent in games like Call of Duty as a result of either poor developer implementation or hackers’ sheer determination and expertise.

    Activision, on the other hand, released Ricochet in 2021, which is an anti-cheat technology. While the game’s developers have addressed the issue of cheaters to some level, the Ricochet team has come up with more creative tactics to tackle the game’s plague. Details on the new mitigation techniques integrated into the game were revealed in a recent blog piece on the Call of Duty website.

    Team Ricochet employs mitigation techniques to keep cheaters in Call of Duty games for long enough to collect data that will eventually assist the Team in catching them

    Disarm is the newest mitigation method in Call of Duty: Vanguard and Warzone, joining the existing ones. The new technology detects cheaters in the game and removes whatever weapons they may possess, including their fists. This is done with the intention of “keeping cheats in the game to evaluate their data while minimizing their capacity to damage a legitimate player’s experience,” which looks to be straightforward and successful for the time being.

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    While mitigation techniques have shown to be helpful in the past, bans remain the most effective deterrent to cheating. Team Ricochet is said to have blacklisted over 180,000 cheaters since the previous release in February 2022.

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