“Call of Duty 18”: This new model is facing frequent crashes so the developers remove it

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    The popular fighting game “Call of Duty 18” has to get such frequent crashes and the developed thinks to remove this new mode “Champion Mountain” on Xbox Series X/S. According to the  VGC reports on 30th November, this “Call of Duty 18” also had a crash problem after the latest updater.

    Presently, the developer has removed this new mode “Champion Mountain” onto the  Xbox Series X/S console. On this matter, the developer stated that it is mainly investigating the crash that has been happened by the ‘Champion Mountain” model.

    Call of Duty 18: Details

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    This “Call of Duty 18” was dropped on 5th November and the first issue that has been continued contains the download code redemption and also about preventing some of the PS5 players from gaming.

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    The developers were shut own “Secrets of the Pacific” campaign within a few hours after the launch for the same reason which is the same that is frequent crashes. For increasing the sales, Activision declared that the multiplayer mode of ” Call of Duty 18: Pioneer” will begin the free trial after two weeks of launch.

    80s Action Heroes Rambo and John McClane Make Their Explosive Debut across  Call of Duty®

    The IT Home has been learned that  “Call of Duty 18: Pioneer” mainly revolves around the European and Pacific battlefields of World War II, and it is based on the birth of the modern allied special forces.

    This game also has the campaign mode, multiplayer mode, and zombie mode for the players for play, and also provides the support for sharing of the progress on all of the platforms.

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