British Tennis Player Emma Raducanu wears pilot’s hat, following his British Airways Ambassador’s role

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    British young tennis player Emma Raducanu is gaining certain heights with flying colours with his performance in the pitch, at the present. Besides showing efficiency at the pitch, the 19-year-old capped off her catastrophic year in terrific style being a history-making US Open winner for Britain, donning a cap of a pilot to sit in the cockpit of a British Airways plane.

    The young blood has now added BA to her commercial deals’ lucrative list. Reports state that the endorsements with Tiffany, the United States jewellery company along with Dior, the French fashion label bear a massive worth of around 2 million pounds.

    Emma Raducanu in this regard

    The young Emma Raducanu honestly said in this regard that she will entirely leave the endorsements to her parents as well as her team. She is only focusing on what she loves to do, which is primarily competing.

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    More about the Young Blood

    Young Emma Raducanu will be the global ambassador of British Airways which is a suitable title considering her varied roots. She is a Canadian born athlete with a Romanian dad and Chinese mum and moved to England at the age of two.

    England with continues to jet the first two British women who have secured Grand Slam singles for 44 years to her worldwide tournaments. She also added in this regard that the BA, i.e., British Airways has taken very good care of her team and ever since the US Open and she felt their support everywhere she has flown.

    She also added that to be presented with such an iconic British Brand that can primarily play a significant role in her performance makes a lot of sense to her. Lastly, she said that she is fascinated by aviation and they have some interesting projects that are planned together.

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