Brahim Diaz Shines for Real Madrid in Champions League as Stand-In for Jude Bellingham, Yet Again

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    In the 48th minute of a tense match against RB Leipzig, Brahim Diaz ignited Real Madrid with a spectacular performance, turning the tide after a lackluster first half. His decisive goal not only secured victory but also showcased his exceptional skill and composure.

    Brahim Diaz Image Credits X Twitter
    Brahim Diaz, Image Credits- X (Twitter)

    The winning moment unfolded with Dani Carvajal delivering a precise pass to Brahim on the flank. With his trademark agility, Brahim swiftly evaded his marker with a mesmerizing feint, creating space for himself. With remarkable speed and control, he maneuvered past two defenders, demonstrating both physical prowess and technical finesse.

    Approaching the penalty area, Brahim expertly adjusted his position before unleashing a perfectly placed shot into the top corner of the net. In just seven seconds and nine touches, he crafted a masterpiece, leaving fans in awe of his talent. This dazzling display affirmed Brahim Diaz’s status as a standout player for Real Madrid, once again stepping up in the absence of Jude Bellingham.

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    1. When will Jude Bellingham be back for Real Madrid?

      The midfielder, having netted 20 goals across various competitions this season, may be absent for as many as four matches. This implies that Jude Bellingham will be sidelined for a period ranging from two to three weeks, affecting fixtures against RB Leipzig in the Champions League, and Rayo Vallecano, Sevilla, and Valencia in La Liga and could be back for Return Fixture for RB Leipzig on 7th March.


    From Limited Minutes to Major Impact: Brahim Diaz’s Rise to Prominence

    Adding to the narrative of Brahim Diaz’s remarkable performance is the revelation of his limited playing time prior to the match. Despite being Madrid’s 18th-most utilized player in terms of minutes played this season, Brahim made a significant impact with his stunning goal, earning praise from coach Carlo Ancelotti.

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    Brahim Diaz Image Credits X Twitter 1
    Brahim Diaz, Image Credits- X (Twitter)

    Ancelotti, impressed by Brahim’s match-winning strike, humorously admitted his initial concern about him losing possession during the dribble, a worry quickly dispelled by Brahim’s flawless execution.

    The celebration that followed Brahim’s goal further emphasized his connection with injured teammate Jude Bellingham, as Brahim incorporated Bellingham’s signature open-armed pose into his own gesture, eliciting admiration from Bellingham himself, who expressed his amazement on social media.

    Despite their friendship, it’s Bellingham’s absence due to injury that has repeatedly opened opportunities for Brahim to showcase his talent. In Spain, there’s a saying: “lo que funciona no se toca” (if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it), and it seems that was Ancelotti’s mindset when he opted for the Malaga-born Brahim to play last night instead of other available options.

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    Ancelotti’s decision to rely on Brahim instead of other options, such as Joselu, has proven successful, with Madrid securing six consecutive wins without Bellingham, all matches in which Brahim has started and contributed significantly, tallying four goals and one assist.

    Real Madrid Team Celebrating Brahim Diazs Goal Image Credits X Twitter

    Interestingly, Leipzig coach Marco Rose seemed more preoccupied with Bellingham’s potential appearance despite his injury, highlighting the impact and importance of both players in the context of the match.

    Ancelotti expressed uncertainty regarding his selection in the pre-match press conference, citing Leipzig’s strength in aerial duels as a potential factor. Acknowledging Brahim’s stature at 5ft 7in (170cm), Ancelotti hinted at the challenge posed by Leipzig’s physicality. Despite Brahim’s relatively smaller frame, his stature within the Spanish club continues to grow, reflecting his increasing influence and contribution on the field.

    Brahim Diaz & Lunin’s Journey Back to Real Madrid Glory in Place of Absentees

    Brahim Diaz, who joined Real Madrid from Manchester City in January 2019, returned to the club last summer following a successful three-year loan spell at AC Milan. Convinced of his potential impact, both Brahim and Madrid were eager for his return, buoyed by his impressive performances in Italy.

    The match on Tuesday proved to be a challenging encounter for Madrid, with RB Leipzig posing a significant threat, evidenced by their 14 shots on goal, an unusual occurrence for a team under Ancelotti’s management. Brahim himself recognized the crucial role played by goalkeeper Andriy Lunin in securing the victory, acknowledging his stellar performance on social media and presenting him with the player of the match trophy.

    Lunin’s exceptional display, marked by nine saves without conceding a goal, earned him a place in the record books, joining Thibaut Courtois as only the second Madrid goalkeeper to achieve such a feat in a single Champions League game since data collection began in 2003/04.

    In a post-match photo with Lunin, Brahim appeared relieved and unburdened, no longer sporting the bulky bandage he had received after sustaining an injury late in the game. Despite the tense moments, the atmosphere among the around 2,000 traveling Madrid fans gradually shifted from nervousness to confidence, as chants of support echoed through the stadium, reaffirming their unwavering allegiance to their beloved club.

    Both Brahim and Ancelotti downplayed the significance of any potential injury, although the player will undergo tests in the coming hours.

    The manner in which he exited the stage on Tuesday was somewhat reassuring. As the referee signaled the end of the match, he embraced Vinicius Junior on the field and acknowledged the traveling supporters, even exchanging words with some of his opponents.

    He engaged in a brief conversation with one of them, fellow countryman Dani Olmo. Brahim might encounter him in the upcoming international window, as he eagerly anticipates being called up by Luis de la Fuente.

    While Brahim is also eligible to represent Morocco and has received approaches from them, his desire is to play for Spain. With performances like the one he delivered on this particular night, it’s difficult to imagine that his dream won’t materialize soon.

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