Borja Mayoral Leaving Real Madrid In Order to Rejoin Getafe

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    It has been officially stated that Real Madrid and Getafe have agreed to transfer Borja Mayoral in exchange for €10 million. The footballer will sign with Azulones until 2027.

    Mayoral’s plans since the news of the transfer of Borja Mayoral

    Mayoral’s Plans Since the News of Transfer

    Borja Mayoral has left Real Madrid and joined Getafe effective as of today. His transfer was completed for 10 million euros. 

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    This is the price of a player who was a success story in the lower layers of Madrid and was a pillar of Castilla, but was unable to realize the potential of the first team. The mayor spent half of last season in Getafe. He has enough time to be an idol to his fans. 

    He scored six goals in 18 games, leading the revival that not only prevented the team from being demoted, but also made it surprisingly easy to demote. So at the Coliseum, the mayor will play for the next five seasons and sign a contract until 2027.

    He was very clear about how he envisioned his immediate future. He wanted to live in his native, Madrid. He wants to be closer to his fatherhood and to have stability for his newborn son and family. 

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    That’s why he was determined to work hard in pre-season to show Ancelotti that he could remain at Real Madrid. Carletto did not give him a minute of playtime throughout the North American tour, almost directly confirming that he did not expect him for the new season. 

    Faced with the circumstances, the mayor tackled the challenge of finding a new club and he seems to have chosen Getafe for it.

    Angel Torres in this regard

    Getafe’s president Angel Torres had already confirmed at the end of last season that all that is necessary for him persuade the striker to return would begin. After it was assumed that the mayor would not play for Madrid, the plan was clear. 

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    Soon the agreement between both parties became tranquil. Getafe was to pay €10 million to sign the current and future forward, the 25-year-old, Borja Mayoral. His contract expires as he turns 30, which is in June 2027.

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