Black Myth: Wukong Takes Center Stage at Summer Game Fest with PC Pre-Orders, New Trailer, and Collector’s Editions

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    Black Myth: Wukong, the highly anticipated action RPG from Chinese developer Game Science, stole the show at Summer Game Fest 2024. The studio unveiled a stunning new trailer showcasing the game’s breathtaking visuals and intense combat, and even more exciting news – pre-orders are now open for PC and PlayStation 5!

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    While Xbox Series S|X players will have to wait a bit longer for their chance to delve into the world inspired by the classic Chinese novel Journey to the West, PC and PS5 players can secure their copy now in preparation for the August 2024 launch.

    Pre-Order Options and Collector’s Editions for Black Myth: Wukong

    Game Science is offering a variety of options to suit every budget and level of fandom. Here’s a breakdown of what’s available:

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    Standard Edition (Digital): $59.99 (USD):

    This is the base game with no additional content.

    Deluxe Edition (Digital): $69.99 (USD):

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    Includes the base game, Bronzecloud Staff weapon, Folk Opera Mask, Folk Opera Almsgiving Armor, Folk Opera Leather Bracers, Folk Opera Buskins equipment, the Wind Chimes Curio, and a selection of the digital soundtrack.

    Deluxe Edition (Physical – PC only): $169.99 (USD):

    This edition comes with the Deluxe Edition digital content, a steelbook case, a 1:1 bronze replica of The Constricting Headband, a Thunderstone ring, a Wind Chime necklace, a Gold Sun Crow pin, a warranty certificate, stamps and postcards, and a Chaos at the Peach Banquet color print on a silk scroll.

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    Collector’s Edition (Physical – PC only): $399 (USD):

    The ultimate fan package includes everything from the Deluxe Edition (physical PC), a massive 40cm figurine of the protagonist Monkey King himself, and a Teaching of the Heart Sutra color print on a silk scroll.

    PC System Requirements Revealed for Black Myth: Wukong

    For PC players eager to check their rig’s readiness, Game Science has also released the official PC system requirements for Black Myth: Wukong.  Whether you’re aiming for minimum settings or pushing for the most eye-popping visuals with ray tracing enabled, there’s a breakdown for every level of performance:

    Minimum vs Recommended vs Ultra Settings

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    The system requirements cater to a wide range of PC hardware, with minimum specs starting at a Core i5-8400 processor and GTX 1060 graphics card.  For a smooth experience with high settings and 1080p resolution, a Core i7-9700 and RTX 2060 are recommended. 

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    If you want to crank everything up to ultra settings at 4K resolution with ray tracing, then a powerful CPU like a Core i7-9700 paired with a top-of-the-line RTX 40 series graphics card is ideal.

    Embrace Your Inner Monkey King This August With Black Myth: Wukong

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    Black Myth: Wukong’s captivating world and exhilarating combat promise an unforgettable adventure. With pre-orders now open and a release date set for August 2024 on PC and PS5, eager fans won’t have to wait much longer to embark on this mythical journey.

    So, whether you choose the digital Standard Edition or splurge on the Collector’s Edition with its stunning figurine, get ready to unleash your inner Monkey King!

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