BCCI Announces Contract Extension for Team India’s Head Coach Rahul Dravid and Support Staff

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    Contract Renewal for Mr. Rahul Dravid and Support Staff

    The Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) has officially announced the extension of contracts for Head Coach Mr. Rahul Dravid and the Support Staff of Team India (Senior Men). This momentous development follows in-depth and productive discussions between the BCCI and Mr. Rahul Dravid, marking a continuation of their successful partnership. The contracts of the remaining support staff members, such as batting coach Vikram Rathour, bowling coach Paras Mhambrey, and fielding coach T Dilip, have also been extended by the BCCI. The decision to extend the contracts comes on the heels of the recently concluded ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup 2023.

    Batting Coach Vikram Rathour fielding coach T Dilip Head Coach Rahul Dravid bowling coach Paras Mhambrey Left to Right Image Credits Twitter
    Batting Coach Vikram Rathour, fielding coach T Dilip, Head Coach Rahul Dravid & bowling coach Paras Mhambrey [Left to Right]; Image Credits- Twitter


    Acknowledgment of Mr. Rahul Dravid’s Contribution

    The BCCI, in its official statement, acknowledges and commends the pivotal role played by Mr. Rahul Dravid in shaping the destiny of the Indian Team. The extension of his tenure stands as a testament to the undeniable impact of his coaching acumen on Team India’s recent successes. The Board also extends its appreciation to Mr. VVS Laxman for his commendable roles as Head of the National Cricket Academy (NCA) and as the stand-in Head Coach, showcasing the strength of the coaching team.

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    Commendation from BCCI President, Mr. Roger Binny

    Mr. Roger Binny, the esteemed President of BCCI, expressed his profound appreciation for Mr. Rahul Dravid’s vision, professionalism, and unyielding efforts, labeling them as crucial pillars in Team India’s recent success. In a public endorsement, Mr. Binny highlighted the unique challenges faced by the Head Coach of the Indian Cricket Team, acknowledging Mr. Dravid’s ability not only to embrace these challenges but to thrive in them.

    BCCI President Roger Binny Image Credits India Today
    BCCI President Roger Binny, Image Credits- India Today

    The president further asserted that the performances of the Indian Team under Mr. Dravid’s strategic guidance are a clear testament to his coaching prowess. Mr. Binny expressed his delight that Mr. Dravid accepted the offer to remain as the Head Coach, underscoring the mutual respect and shared vision between him and the BCCI. He concluded by expressing unwavering confidence that under Mr. Dravid’s leadership, the team will continue its march to the pinnacle of success, setting new benchmarks along the way.

    Full Backing from BCCI Secretary, Mr. Jay Shah

    Mr. Jay Shah, the Honorary Secretary of BCCI, echoed the sentiments of Mr. Binny, emphasizing the unparalleled commitment to excellence demonstrated by Mr. Rahul Dravid. Mr. Shah attributed Team India’s current formidable stature across formats directly to Mr. Dravid’s vision, guidance, and the roadmap he meticulously charted for the team.

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    Honorary Secretary of BCCI Jay Shah Image Credits Twitter
    Honorary Secretary of BCCI Jay Shah, Image Credits- Twitter

    The Honorary Secretary highlighted the extraordinary nature of India’s World Cup campaign, which saw them win 10 consecutive games before the final. He praised Mr. Dravid for setting up the right platform for the team to flourish, emphasizing that the Head Coach has the full backing of the BCCI. Mr. Shah assured that the BCCI will provide Mr. Dravid with all the support needed for sustained success at the international level.

    Reflections from Head Coach, Mr. Rahul Dravid

    In an insightful reflection on his coaching journey with Team India, Mr. Rahul Dravid expressed his genuine pride in the last two years. He spoke about witnessing the highs and lows of the team’s journey, emphasizing the phenomenal support and camaraderie within the group. Mr. Dravid took a moment to express his genuine pride in the resilient culture established in the dressing room, a culture that stands strong whether in moments of triumph or adversity.

    He acknowledged the extraordinary skills and talent possessed by the team, attributing their success to following the right process and sticking to their preparations, elements that had a direct impact on the overall results.

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    FILE PHOTO: Cricket – ICC World Test Championship Final – India Practice Session – The Oval, London, Britain – June 6, 2023 India’s head coach Rahul Dravid during practice Action Images via Reuters/Peter Cziborra/File photo

    “I thank the BCCI and the Office Bearers for placing their trust in me, endorsing my vision, and providing support during this period. The demands of this role necessitate considerable time away from home, and I deeply appreciate my family’s sacrifices and support. Their instrumental role behind the scenes has been invaluable. As we embrace new challenges post the World Cup, we remain committed to the pursuit of excellence.”

    Grateful for the trust placed in him, Mr. Dravid thanked the BCCI and the Office Bearers for endorsing his vision and providing unwavering support during this period. He also took a moment to recognize the considerable sacrifices and support of his family, acknowledging their instrumental role behind the scenes. As Team India braces for new challenges post the World Cup, Mr. Dravid reiterated the collective commitment to the pursuit of excellence, signifying a shared determination to scale greater heights in the future.

    Dravid’s Coaching Record and Future Assignments for Team India

    It’s noteworthy to recall that Mr. Rahul Dravid was appointed as the head coach in November 2021 for a two-year contract, which concluded earlier this month with the culmination of the 2023 ODI World Cup. Under his coaching tenure, India finished as runners-up in both the World Test Championship (WTC) and the ODI World Cup, showcasing a commendable record over the past two years.

    Looking ahead, Dravid’s first assignment after the contract renewal is the much-anticipated tour of South Africa, scheduled to commence on December 10. This tour includes three T20Is, three ODIs, and two Tests, promising an exciting challenge for Team India. Following the South Africa tour, India is set to host a five-Test series against England, providing another significant test for Mr. Dravid and the team before the T20 World Cup in June.


    The extension of contracts for Mr. Rahul Dravid and the Support Staff represents a pivotal moment in Indian cricket, signifying a continued commitment to stability and success. As the cricketing community eagerly awaits the unfolding chapters under Mr. Dravid’s leadership, the collective hope is for Team India to build on its recent achievements and create new milestones on the international stage.

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