Bayonetta 4 is confirmed to be in Development

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    Even though the most recent Bayonetta game, Bayonetta 3, just went on sale, a new sequel is already being teased. The Devil May Cry series, created by action game developer PlatinumGames, and developed in large part by the company’s current vice president, Hideki Kamiya, is somewhat of a spiritual predecessor to the Bayonetta series. Although Bayonetta 3 expands the multiverse-level scope of the series’ iconic characters and battle, a potential Bayonetta 4 (name pending) has already been hinted at.

    Hideki Kamiya appeared to imply that production is already underway on the upcoming Bayonetta game in a remark posted to his Twitter account. It seems that the ending of Bayonetta 3 wasn’t delivered accurately, according to Kamiya’s post on Twitter, adding that “Bayo 4 will be an unexpected development,” even though Bayonetta 3’s story has received some criticism despite its gameplay receiving accolades. No formal announcement of a new Bayonetta game has been made by Platinum or Nintendo aside from Kamiya’s tweets.

    Although Bayonetta 3 has received mostly excellent reviews because of its improved fighting and wider variety, the game has also received some negative feedback, with many gamers criticizing its plot. The game’s contentious conclusion, as well as the plethora of mini-games and the inclusion of Viola and Cheshire, the demon companion in Bayonetta 3, which some players feel is an underdeveloped second playable character, have all drawn criticism from fans.

    It’s unclear whether fans will be satisfied given Kamiya’s suggestion that a Bayonetta 4 would expand on the less appealing elements of the third game.

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    No official announcement of Bayonetta 4 has been made, despite Kamiya’s teases. Given that Bayonetta 3 took five years from its announcement in 2017 to its release in 2022, fans of the series will certainly have a long wait before any prospective sequel. However, Kamiya’s assertion might be encouraging to gamers dissatisfied with the story developments in the most recent game because it appears to allude to more explanation of Bayonetta 3’s contentious ending. Furthermore, it is unknown what will persist in the upcoming Bayonetta game given that elements like the infernal demon summoning in Bayonetta 3 significantly altered the series’ fighting.

    Although the possibility of a Bayonetta 4 is good news for fans of the series, probably, the release or even further information won’t be available for a while. Furthermore, given the recent release of Bayonetta 3, Kamiya’s statement probably serves more as a teaser than an official confirmation. Fans will probably have to wait a very long time for the next Bayonetta, even though the early indications of the game may appear promising.

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