Battlefield 2042 Season One: Zero Hour set to arrive this Week

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    Season One: Zero Hour of Battlefield 2042 is officially out, featuring one new map, one new Specialist, and a Battle Pass. Season 1 will be available on June 9, according to EA Dice, who announced it in a two-minute film on the game’s YouTube page.

    Battlefield’s Battle Pass will have a free and premium tier that costs roughly $10, similar to most Battle Passes, though customers who possess the Year 1 Season Pass will have access to it immediately.

    While EA was a little fuzzy on the specifics. Ewelina Lis, the new Specialist, and Exposure, the new map, will appear to be available for free to all players, regardless of Season or Battle Pass ownership.

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    Lis is an anti-vehicle specialist who wields a unique remote-controlled rocket launcher. Her second passive ability allows her to view damaged vehicles that are highlighted in red, allowing gamers to quickly identify which tanks and helicopters are about to be destroyed.

    Exposure is set in the Canadian Rockies, and the various peaks, platforms, and bases found across the mountains allow players to glide between them for multiple entry points into the fight.

    Finally, the Battle Pass will have 100 tiers when it launches in Season 1, with the premium version granting solely aesthetic unlocks. The additional vehicles, weaponry, and, of course, the new Specialist Lis are all included in the normal, free Battle Pass.

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    Hundreds of additional Battlefield 2042 updates are included in the update that was issued today in anticipation of Season 1. This features, among other things, smoother soldier animations and movements, updated hitboxes, additional ways to earn XP, and a larger number of vehicles in Conquest Mode.

    Hundreds of other minor adjustments and gameplay tweaks are also included in the changelog, which can be found on Battlefield 2042’s website. The long-awaited update came seven months after the game’s initial release, and after what seemed like an endless string of bugs.

    Season One was pushed back from February to March because developer DICE wanted to focus on more critical concerns like adding a scoreboard to online matches, however, this update was also pushed back a few days, finally arriving in March.

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    Around the same time, publisher EA recognized that Battlefield 2042 did not live up to expectations, and soon after, a petition requesting refunds went viral, garnering over 230,000 signatures. DICE acknowledged multiple faults with its map design at the beginning of March, and said it understood why players referred to the game as a “walking simulator.” Starting with Kaleidoscope, the maps will be fixed one by one, although not until the summer at the earliest.

    Battlefield 2042’s popularity had waned in the meanwhile, with fewer players on Steam in early March than Battlefield 1, 4, and 5. A month later, voice chat was enabled, although exclusively for squads and parties.

    Its most recent significant update (published on May 19) contained some other changes, including the removal of the 128-player Breakthrough mode, while DICE’s support for Battlefield 2042’s Hazard Zone was terminated a few days later.

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