Barcelona and Real Madrid sign a non-aggression pact

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    Both Barcelona and Real Madrid are known to be the biggest rivals in Spain, and their face-off is considered as El Classico. Both of these iconic clubs compete in almost every football aspect on and off the field. However, despite being staunch rivals, the two clubs and their managers indeed have great respect for each other, which is clear from the instincts of Barcelona and Madrid managers, Joan Laporta and Florentino Perez, respectively.

    Both of the clubs and the clubs’ managers are aware of the fact that any decision they take, has a great chance of affecting the other one. In recent months, some of these discussions and meetings have been about a specific unwritten rule, which is respecting the contract situations of each other’s footballers.

    Verbal Agreement between Laporta and Perez

    There has been a verbal agreement between Laporta and Perez which is not to interfere with footballers on the other side, who still reside in the contract. Players who get out of their respective contracts, are listed in another story certainly and are fair game if any player of the pair decides to pursue them.

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    Interests of Madrid and Barcelona

    Real Madrid has been showing interest in Ronald Araujo, which Florentino Perez eventually denied. A move from Aruarjo or any other player for that particular matter would only take place if he in the last six months of his present contract.

    Situation for Erling Haaland

    Bringing players from other clubs is a different concern, however, and expectantly Joan Laporta is focused to do anything in his power to limit Real Madrid from signing a deal with Erling Haaland from Borussia Dortmund. The FC Barcelona president is desiring to sell various players to finance a shift for the promising Norwegian striker and restrict him from pulling on the shirt of the club’s greatest rivals.

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