Babylon: The New ‘Nice’ Trailer Confirms about the film will hit this December

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    This Christmas Weekend is going to be fantastic with Damien Chazelle, with the fantastic film adaptation of Babylon., Paramount Pictures just dropped a new nice trailer for the film. We can see the two trailers for the latest comedy-drama from the director of La La Land.

    The new trailer follows many different aspects of the film, in this case, both of them has been highlighted the cast of the film who are Brad Pitt, Margot Robbie, Tobey Maguire, Katherine Waterson, Diego Calva, Max Minghella, and Jean Smart. 


    The story of the film is based on the industry at the time of one of the most turbulent periods. The transition from the silent to the sound of the movies, and then from the black and white to Technicolor image like the careers had been made or can be broken in this process.  

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    The new trailer perfectly depicts all of those by starting out without any color and no soundtrack, and all of these elements are introduced in the clip under signs of progress. You will see two different approaches in the tale. Starts with the disturbing scene in which the character of Maguire as James doesn’t look very well. This new version is also not that shy: that expressed ‘Babylon’  as ‘the best movie of the year”, and then things continue to reveal some nudity, and violence, with risqué humor. 


    The new nice trailer is mainly making of all the films that conquer such a big during the award season, as the tale follows the celebration of Hollywood with the fantastic cast and undisputable production values. Chazelle is definitely one of the favorites among the voters for his works like First Man, La, la Land, and Whiplash been nominated in many genres in the past award season. The date of release has not yet been fixed. This is the release window going to be eligible to compete in the 2023 awards and the late December release for the fresh memories of the voters. 

    Babylon: Release Date 

    The new film has set to hit on 23rd December 2022, this Friday. 

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    Here is the trailer: 

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