Apex Legends Ballistic: Here’s everything you need to know about the games 24th Legend

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    Apex Legends Season 17, Arsenal, has kicked off with a new episode of Stories From The Outlands called “Encore”. Alongside the season launch trailer, players were introduced to the game’s 24th legend, August “Ballistic” Brinkman, a retired Thunderdome champion who is making a comeback in the Apex Games to take his son’s place after a tragedy occurred. While Ballistic was known for his bravado and showmanship in the ring, he is now a refined older gentleman with a cool, calm, and collected demeanor that players should keep in mind when mastering this experienced Apex predator.

    Respawn describes Ballistic as a “refined older gentleman living with a beast inside.” He made a deal with Torres “Duardo” Silva to keep his son out of the Apex Games and took his place instead. Ballistic retired from the Thunderdome after his brother-in-law died due to his preference for performance over protection. He does not want his son to suffer the same fate, although his motives may not be entirely clear given that the Apex Games use Respawn Beacons to prevent competitors from actually dying.

    Ballistic’s passive ability, Weapon Sling, allows players to store a third weapon, which can be accessed via inventory or the d-pad. However, the Sling weapon cannot take attachments.

    His tactical ability, Whistler, shoots a projectile that locks onto the enemy, damaging them and temporarily applying a debuff that causes enemies’ firearms to overheat as they shoot.

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    credit: gamespot

    Overheating will cause a reaction that deals damage, and players can hold the tactical button to lock onto a target. Ballistic’s ultimate ability, Weapon Enhancer, provides a buff to the legend and nearby teammates that increases reload time, armed movement speed, and grants infinite ammo. Any weapon stored in Ballistic’s Weapon Sling will be instantly equipped and upgraded to gold-tier for the duration of the buff.

    It is important to remember that only base weapons can be stowed in the Sling, and Sling weapons cannot take attachments, including sights. So, players need to pay attention to their inventory and assign Sling weapons specifically. Also, gold- and red-tier weapons from Care Packages cannot be stowed in the Sling because they do not have removable attachments.

    Ballistic’s Tempest ability significantly increases armed movement speed, allowing players to make a break for it without having to stow their only means of defense. However, since his Sling weapon can only be upgraded temporarily by Tempest, it’s important that his other weapons are well-equipped. This is where Ballistic’s second class-exclusive ability comes in handy.

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    Players should keep an eye out for red Weapon Supply Bins scattered across the game’s maps, which the new legend can access due to his Assault-class legend status. When opened, these secret compartments present players with an assortment of weapon attachments that match their current loadout.

    If players are having trouble facing off against Ballistic, Seer is a good choice. His Heart Seeker passive ability allows him to locate a squad’s general position without revealing his own, while his Focus Of Attention tactical ability damages and reveals the position of any enemies caught in Seer’s line of sight. It also cancels any abilities they may have been using and interrupts in-progress healing, among other activities.

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