Amazon Luna Prime Gaming: Here are the games coming to the service in October 2022

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    While Google Stadia is turning off its servers, Amazon’s Luna game streaming service is still active. Six new games will really be added to the Prime Gaming Channel in October, which is accessible to all Prime members at no cost. This includes a couple odd indie games, a popular first-person shooter, and more. Any compatible Amazon Fire device or a PC, Mac, or mobile device can stream Luna.

    Amazon Luna Prime Gaming Channel Games For October 2022

    • SkateBird
    • Earthworm Jim 2
    • Star Wars Pinball
    • Monster Truck Championship
    • Metro Exodus
    • Blair Witch

    With your normal Amazon Prime membership, you have access to the Prime Gaming Channel. Get a free trial to see everything it has to offer, including Prime Gaming, if you aren’t already a member.

    Remember that you cannot add the aforementioned books permanently to your collection. Instead, until they are updated next month, you may only stream them on Luna through the Prime Gaming Channel. It follows that you should set aside some time in the upcoming weeks to look into any that attract your attention. Also, if you’re a Prime member, be sure to take advantage of the other free games this month that you can download and keep forever.

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    credit: gamespot

    The most alluring game of the group might be Metro Exodus, which presents players with a terrifying, post-apocalyptic world to discover. You’ll take on the role of Artyom, a survivor who is looking for safety in the tunnels beneath Moscow before leaving to look for fresh opportunities. In our review of Metro Exodus, we praised the game’s “thrilling” action and “endearing characters” for bringing the eerie environment to life.

    This month, you can take pleasure in SkateBird if you’re seeking for something a little lighter. You move through the whimsical independent game as a bird on a skateboard, scoring points by weaving together combos and performing other tasks on each stage. Even though it isn’t Tony Hawk, it’s still worth a go.

    Other games in the October Prime Gaming Channel lineup include the iconic platformer Earthworm Jim 2, nightmare-inducing Blair Witch, and Monster Truck Championship.

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