Amazon Business Premium is going to update from 10th January 2022

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    Amazon is going to start their new Amazon Business Premium that also has such key benefits for the top business customers like the organization. It will definitely help you in building most of the purchases of the Amazon Business by earning the reward points.

    We are going to be excited to launch the latest and also has such raising experience for Amazon Business Premium that will also make it even more seamless to earn and also can track the reward points for purchases.

    Amazon Business Premium: Update

    1. Now you don’t have to wait for 60 days for getting reward points. After getting the reward point it will be credited into your Amazon Pay balance( 1 point = Rs. 1) as quick as the order is shipped
    2. Now the tracking of the reward points is very easy in the Amazon Pay wallet history
    3. You can earn reward points up to INR 55,000 per month that is amazing.
    4. You have to just drop 10 or more orders for qualifying for any tier of the Amazon Business Premium program
    5. The company has revised the number of tiers and reward points for making it easier and simpler to track.

    Amazon Business Premium: New Rewards Tiers and Points

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    Amazon has divided the qualification tiers into four sections. You have to place the value of the minimum purchase. If you have not placed any order then you got a blue tier, if you have earned Rs. 50,000 reward points and placed at least 10 orders within the last 6 months then you have reached the silver tier if you have got Rs. 1,50,000 points or more and placed 10 orders in the last six months then you have reached gold tier, you have earned Rs. 7,50,000 or more points than you reach the platinum tier.

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    If you are an Amazon Business Premium member then you can earn maximum rewards up to INR 55,000 per month. The maximum reward that you can get per order is INR 10,000 irrespective of the tier.

    allocated tier 640 344 0112

    We will like to inform you that your current tier and associated reward points will be applicable till 9th January 2022. The rewards points that you have earned till 9th January 2022 will be credited to the Amazon Pay wallet just within 60 days. The existing earned reward points will be continued to be in the Amazon Pay wallet for claiming the orders in the future.

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