Almost half of the smartphones in 2022 will sport OLED displays

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    Smartphone innovation has been driving the market crazy every year, and we are seeing new technologies being made more affordable than ever! This is proof of why the latest report states that the early half of all smartphones that will be sold in 2022 will sport an OLED panel.

    This is not absurd or a report to be laughed about because OLED displays have become very cheap these days, and even entry-level phones like the Realme 8 series or Redmi Note 10 series comes with AMOLED panels. So, a greater push in the market will allow smartphone makers to integrate an OLED display on expensive and cheap smartphones easily.

    According to TrendForce, this marks the growing popularity of the Organic Light-Emitting Diode display technology in the smartphone market. The report goes on to state that said 39.8% of all the smartphones sold in 2021 will feature OLED panels while 45% of the total handsets sold in 2022 will sport an OLED display.

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    Obviously, these are some huge numbers and this is not fake or absurd because almost all flagships and even the upcoming iPhone 13 series will have OLED as a default option. Also, with days, the price cuts to make an OLED panel would help makers to use them in cheaper options as well.

    Also, the report states that the major smartphone makers like Apple and Samsung’s widespread adoption of both the AMOLED and OLED displays are one of the primary reasons for the jump in market share of the OLED-equipped devices.

    Obviously, making this huge transition will not be that simple, in the first place, because of the ongoing chip shortage and supply issues; however, 2022 will be a year of OLEDs.

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