Get An Incredible list of the Top 10 Indian Companies in Terms of Market Capital

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    Get A list of the Top 10 Indian Companies in terms of Market Capital

    Market Capital indicates the complete market value of the firm’s outstanding shares of stock.  The increasing market capitalization. The entire thing has been calculated by multiplying the total number of a company’s outstanding shares by the present market cost. For a company, market capitalization is very important as it determines the company’s size. 

    Here is the list of the top 10 Indian Companies with huge Market Capital- 

    10. HDFC  

    Market Capital: Rs. 503,115.35 Crores  

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    This entity has secured the place of the tenth position with a market capitalization of Rs. 503,115.35 Crores. HDFC has expanded with Housing Development Finance Corporation Limited. The Mumbai-based company is rich in banking, general insurance, asset management, realty, education, and venture capital. 

    Top 10 Indian Companies

    9. Bharti Airtel 

    Market Capital: Rs. 430,856.89 Crores 

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    Bharti Airtel with a total market capitalization of Rs. 430,856.89 Crores got the ninth position. The headquarter of the telecom services is in New Delhi. The company belongs to the top three telecom service providers for global subscribers. 

    8. Adani Enterprise 

    Market Capital: Rs. 467,491.82 Crores 

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    Adani Enterprise is one of the top Indian companies with huge assets. This company enhances its business in several sectors. The total market capitalization of SBI bank is Rs. 467,491.82 Crores. 


    7. SBI 

    Market Capital: Rs. 548,149.65 Crores 

    SBI or State Bank of India is India’s multinational public sector bank and financial statutory body. The headquarters is situated in Mumbai, Maharashtra. The market capital of SBI bank is Rs. 548,149.65 Crores. 

    6. Hindustan  Unilever 

    Market Capital: Rs. 594,434.84 Crores 

    Hindustan Uniliver holds total market capital of Rs. 594,434.84 Crores.  This company is a leader in India’s fast-moving consumer goods segment. The company is very rich with 80 years of history. The products have been used by nine out of ten Indian houses. 


    5. Infosys 

    Market Capital: Rs. 634,140.78 Crores  

    This company is one of the growing IT Indian companies. It is a multinational corporation that gives business consulting, Information technology, and software development. The company was established by N R Narayan Murthi and Nandan Nilekani. The total market capitalization is Rs. 634,140.78 Crores. 

    4. ICIC Bank 

    Market Capital: Rs. 639,337.63 Crores 

    ICIC Bank has total market capitalization is Rs. 639,337.63 Crores. This firm has ranked in the fourth position. This bank provides a wide range of banking products and financial services to retail and corporate customers via group customers and a variety of channels. 


    3. HDFC Bank 

    Market Capital: Rs.  841,039.51 Crores  

    Now HDFC is India’s leading private sector bank that offers online NetBanking Services & Personal banking Services. The popular private bank has a market capitalization of Rs. 841,039.51 Crores. 

    2. TCS (Tata Consultancy Services) 

    Market Capital: Rs.  1,183,428.69 Crores  

    Among all of the Indian companies, this is an IT giant with Rs. 1,183,428.69 Crores market capital. TCS is an IT services, business solutions, and consulting firm. The headquarter is in Mumbai. Apart from TCS, the Tata group also has many branches in many sectors like Tata Steel and Tata Sons Limited. 


    1. RIL (Reliance Industries Limited) 

    Market Capital: Rs. 1,763,263.62 Crores 

    Reliance is a huge industry with a lot of employees. This company was established by Dhirubhai Ambani who returned to India in 1957. Now Mukesh Ambani is leading the industries. The company has many sectors like IT sectors, import and export sectors. Reliance Jio established a great business in India. The market capital is Rs. 1,763,263.62 Crores.

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