AC Milan Introduces New NBA-style Pitch-side Seats Between Dugouts at the San Siro

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    AC Milan is aiming to emulate the “NBA experience” with the introduction of new seating arrangements between the dugouts at San Siro stadium.

    Pitchside Seats at the San Siro Image Credits AC Milan
    Pitch-side Seats at the San Siro, Image Credits- AC Milan

    The Italian club boasts that these seats provide the closest-ever view of the pitch, drawing inspiration from the courtside seats at basketball games. Alongside proximity to the action, the new seating offers perks such as padded seats and access to a private concierge service.

    1. When is AC Milan’s next match?

      AC Milan’s next match is on Sunday, 14th April, 2024 against Sassuolo from 6:30 pm (IST) onwards.

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    AC Milan’s Chief Commercial Officer Unveils the Club 1899 Front Row Experience

    Fans were given a glimpse of this enhanced experience during Thursday’s Europa League match against Roma, with Italian rappers Ghali and Blanco among the first guests. This move mirrors the trend seen in the NBA, where celebrities often occupy premium seats at games.

    Similar VIP experiences are offered by other clubs, such as Manchester City’s ‘Tunnel Club’ at the Etihad Stadium, where fans can enjoy hospitality while witnessing players’ pre-match journey through a glass tunnel.

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    Pitchside Seats at the San Siro Image Credits AC Milan 1
    Pitch side Seats at the San Siro, Image Credits- AC Milan

    However, those interested in experiencing this unique viewpoint should act swiftly, as AC Milan’s tenure at San Siro, their home since 1926, may be drawing to a close. The Serie A club has announced plans to depart the iconic stadium and construct a new 70,000-seat venue in the southern part of the city. Additionally, city rivals Inter Milan are also contemplating building their own stadium elsewhere.

    Maikel Oettle, chief commercial officer of AC Milan, told the club’s website: “The Club 1899 Front Row Experience represents the sublimation of passion. For those who live with style and constantly seek excitement – who are always protagonists and not spectators – we want to share a new exclusive experience that combines entertainment, lifestyle culture, luxury, and innovation.”

    Through the Front Row Experience, our Club, ambassador of Milan and Italy worldwide, reaffirms itself as the must-visit destination for football lovers and those seeking a front row lifestyle. A unique experience that testifies to AC Milan’s innovative spirit and global icon role, capable of inspiring, exciting, and engaging millions of fans worldwide, every day.”

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    AC Milan’s ‘Front Row Experience’: Redefining Football Spectatorship in the Fashion Capital

    In Milan, the renowned international hub of fashion, design, and innovation, where global style trends are set, AC Milan introduces a groundbreaking stadium experience: the “Club 1899 Front Row Experience”.

    View from the Pitch side Seats at the San Siro Image Credits AC Milan 1
    View from the Pitch-side Seats at the San Siro, Image Credits- AC Milan

    A pioneering venture among top European clubs, this initiative underscores AC Milan’s ongoing dedication to crafting novel and unforgettable experiences. Set within the newly revamped exclusive areas of the stadium by the Rossoneri Club, amidst chic atmospheres and sophisticated settings accompanied by premium services like a private concierge, the “Front Row Experience” offers guests the opportunity to immerse themselves in the excitement and passion of the match from an unprecedented perspective – the closest ever to the San Siro pitch.

    Featuring personalized greetings, exclusive hospitality in designated areas, and the chance to witness the players’ warm-up firsthand, guests can anticipate kick-off with elegance and allure. From the rhythmic sound of cleats as the players step onto the field to the intense focus and pre-game rituals of the protagonists, and from the thrilling tackles, dribbles, and strategic plays of the champions to the palpable tension, jubilation of the athletes.

    Pitchside Seats at the San Siro is being called the Front Row Experience Image Credits AC Milan
    Pitch side Seats at the San Siro is being called the ‘Front Row Experience’, Image Credits- AC Milan

    The tactical maneuvers of the coaches, the new “Front Row Experience” truly places guests at the heart of the action. Transforming them into true protagonists, comfortably seated on a “golden bench”, they can relish in the spectacle of the game like never before.

    Exclusive guests will have the opportunity to indulge in the Club 1899 Front Row Experience on April 22, as Milan plays host to their bitter rivals, Inter, in a highly anticipated Serie A showdown at the top of the table.

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