Aaron Finch – Farewell Finchy: Melbourne Renegades Grand Gesture as Aaron Finch’s No.5 Jersey Retired in Historic BBL Sendoff

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    Aaron Finch : In a momentous occasion that echoed through the cricketing world, Melbourne Renegades bid a heartfelt adieu to their veteran, Aaron Finch, as he played his final T20 match against the Melbourne Stars in the Big Bash League (BBL) 2023-24. The retirement of Finch’s iconic No.5 jersey marked a historic first for the BBL, creating a legacy that transcends the boundary of the sport.

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    The Marvel Stadium, painted in the signature red of the Renegades, became the canvas for an emotional farewell. The stands echoed gratitude with a powerful message, “Thank You Finchy,” encapsulating the sentiment of fans who witnessed Finch’s 15 year long career. Joining him in this emotional moment was his daughter, Esther, adding a personal touch to the grand celebration.

    Finch, who finished as the all time leading run scorer for the Renegades and second highest in BBL overall, expressed confidence in the “next generation” of players. In his own words, “It’s time to move on, and the next generation of players coming through is seriously good, so it’s in good hands.” These words marked the passing of the torch from one cricketing generation to the next.

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    The Renegades decision to retire Finch’s jersey No.5 underlines the significant impact he has had on the franchise and the league. The man who led the Renegades to a historic victory in the 2018-19 BBL, triumphing over the Stars in the final at Docklands Stadium, leaves behind a legacy etched in red. Beyond the BBL, Finch’s leadership prowess guided Australia to their maiden T20 World Cup title in 2021.

    As the curtains close on Finch’s playing career, the retirement of his jersey in the BBL symbolizes not just the end of an era for the Melbourne Renegades but also the enduring legacy of a cricketer who has left an indelible impact on the sport. From the heartfelt tributes in the stands to the iconic No.5 jersey’s retirement, this farewell will be etched in the memories of cricket enthusiasts worldwide.


    1. What are some key achievements of Aaron Finch in the BBL and international cricket?

      Finch is the Renegades all time leading run scorer, achieved the second highest BBL run scorer position, and led Australia to T20 World Cup victory in 2021.

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    2. Why did Melbourne Renegades retire Aaron Finch's No.5 jersey?

      Melbourne Renegades retired Finch's No.5 jersey to honor his significant impact on the franchise and the BBL, marking the first ever jersey retirement in the league.

    Melbourne Renegades, with this grand gesture, has not only bid farewell to a cricketing stalwart but has also marked a new chapter in the league’s history, solidifying Finch’s place as a legendary figure in Australian cricket.

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