A Sony PlayStation showcase could take place in the coming weeks

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    Why will Microsoft Xbox have all the fun at ES 2021? Sony is also planning to showcase its next big games in the coming weeks as per the reputable insider ‘Navtra’ who has recently said on the Resetera forums just now.

    “Assuming nothing changed: just wait a couple more weeks”, the insider wrote in a PlayStation thread that there will possibly be a Sony presentation and also some news about the upcoming Final Fantasy XVI game.

    Also, another user on the ResetEra forums has claimed that Sony could be planning for its own Summer Showcase which could even bring a God of War 2 trailer. However, this claim has been based on months-old information, however, Sony’s original plans might have changed since then.

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    “Sony is 100% having some kind of event or presentation in the Summer”, the Resetera user wrote last month. “I know for a fact they are working on the GoW trailer for it. Likely June I believe.”

    In this month, the user also added, “Just that Sony was planning one, nothing really outlandish. Although that was months old, and plans might have changed.”

    All these are obviously rumoured as we have no official confirmation from Sony, so do take this with a pinch of salt. However, as all major publishers and its arch-rival Microsoft showing off a wide variety of games at E3 2021, it makes sense for Sony to make some standalone showcase of its own games.

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