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A leak of a new Starfield-themed edition watch appears online


A Starfield-themed watch has been leaked online, leading some fans to believe it will be included in the game’s Collector’s Edition or perhaps appear in the game itself.

The watch itself was initially shown in a behind-the-scenes trailer last year, but new photographs were discovered alongside a draught user manual by manufacturer The Wand Company and posted on the Starfield subreddit by user SquiddyVonn.

The timepiece, like many smartwatches, appears to include a lot of other functionality in addition to telling time. Wearers will be able to utilize the device for a variety of reasons, including checking your location’s current temperature, humidity, and local dawn and sunset times, according to photos of the item.

The manual attached to the article appears to provide more information on the watch’s origins. The item is created by The Wand Company, a UK-based prop, and replica design studio, according to the handbook, which was uploaded on Reddit. Other notable initiatives by the business include premium display-grade Poké Ball replicas, a gesture-based remote control wand, and the collectible Pip-Boy that was issued alongside specific Fallout 4 editions.

The watch may be included in Starfield’s Collectors Edition, according to some comments on the Reddit post, but Bethesda has yet to confirm this.

SquiddyVonn further suggests that the watch could be used as part of Starfield’s UI in a follow-up video on YouTube, noting that its display box appears briefly in the first trailer reveal. In effect, the watch might work in Starfield in the same way that the Pip-Boy does in the Fallout games’ menu system.

It’s unclear whether the watch will be included in the collector’s edition of the game. It would very surely become a popular piece of memorabilia among fans upon its introduction, because of its real-world applicability and remarkable design.

Starfield will be released on PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S on November 11th. Following Microsoft’s acquisition of Bethesda last year, the game will not be available on PlayStation consoles.




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