Olympics 2024 Sponsors: Full List of Olympics 2024 Sponsors Revealed

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    Olympics 2024 Sponsors : The anticipation for the 2024 Summer Olympics in Paris is reaching its peak, and behind the scenes, a lineup of prestigious sponsors stands ready to elevate the Games to new heights. These sponsors, investing approximately $100 million each, form the backbone of support that ensures everything from athlete comfort to global connectivity is seamlessly managed.

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    PartnershipSponsorship name
    Marketing PartnersP&G
    E CommerceAlibaba
    Corona Cero
    Financial PartnerVisa

    Let’s have a look into more details: Olympics 2024 Sponsors

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    1. P&G

    As a Marketing Partner, P&G brings its extensive portfolio including brands like Pampers and Gillette to support the Games. Beyond products, P&G focuses on promoting equality, sustainability, and community impact through its partnership.

    Olympics 2024 Sponsors :Full List of Olympics 2024 Sponsors Revealed

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    2. Airbnb

    Handling Hospitality, Airbnb offers over 7 million accommodation options, ensuring athletes, staff, and attendees have a comfortable stay. This partnership underscores Airbnb’s commitment to local communities and sustainable travel options.

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    3. Alibaba

    As the E-Commerce partner, Alibaba leverages its advanced digital technologies to transform the Olympic experience. Alibaba Cloud plays a pivotal role in digitizing operations and enhancing fan engagement globally.

    4. Coca-Cola & Mengniu

    These Beverage partners refresh athletes and spectators alike with a wide array of drinks. Coca-Cola, a longstanding supporter since 1928, and Mengniu, representing the first Chinese FMCG company in the TOP Partner ranks, bring refreshment and innovation to the forefront.

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    5. Panasonic, Intel, Samsung & Deloitte

    Driving the Digital experience, these giants provide cutting-edge technology solutions. From immersive media to AI integration, Panasonic, Intel, and Samsung ensure that the Games are broadcasted and experienced with unparalleled clarity and engagement.

    Deloitte serves as the Digital Partner for the 2024 Olympics, leveraging its expertise in management consulting to enhance the IOC’s digital ecosystem. They focus on personalizing fan experiences, supporting digital transformation strategies, and promoting sustainability, diversity, equity, and inclusion within the Olympic Movement.

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    6. Toyota and Bridgestone

    As leaders in Automobile and Mobility solutions, Toyota and Bridgestone contribute sustainable mobility options. With a focus on environmental responsibility, Toyota’s Mirai and Bridgestone’s mission to serve society underline their commitment beyond the games.

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    7. Visa

    The Financial Partner, Visa revolutionizes payment technology, ensuring seamless transactions for fans and participants globally. Their partnership extends to supporting athletes and promoting Olympic ideals worldwide.

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    These sponsors not only provide financial support but also actively contribute to the Olympic Movement’s legacy and sustainability goals. From creating memorable experiences for athletes to promoting global connectivity, each partner plays a crucial role in making Olympics 2024 a resounding success.

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    1. When is 2024 Summer Olympics taking place?

      July 26 to August 11, 2024

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