GTA 6: A 17-Year old in UK gets arrested by FBI in connection to the recent leaks

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    A 17-year-old was detained by UK police in Oxfordshire as part of an ongoing police hacking investigation. Former Reuters reporter Matt Keys spoke with sources who claim that the arrest is directly tied to the recent attack on Rockstar Games, the historic leak of GTA 6 files that followed, and potentially even the intrusion on Uber last week.

    The announcement comes a few days after Uber said that the FBI was looking into the attack on its networks that the Rockstar hacker also claimed responsibility for. According to Keys, the City of London Police’s arrest of the 17-year-old was “done in concert with an investigation conducted by the FBI”.

    He continues by saying that additional information on the arrest is anticipated from the police later today, and that a statement from the FBI is also conceivable.

    Uber stated earlier this week that it thought a person or organisation “affiliated with a hacking group called Lapsus$,” was responsible for the attack on its networks. Lapsus$ has also been linked to attacks on major corporations like Microsoft, Samsung, and Cisco. Those concerns may have been justified: The suspect is “believed to be connected to a group identifying itself as ‘Lapsus$'”, according to Keys’ informant.

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    GTA 6 leaks arrest 1

    Teen hackers and Lapsus$ have a long history together. A 16-year-old was only recently detained in March on allegations of being the group’s leader and a “multi-millionaire cyber-criminal.” It is still unknown at this time whether that arrest is connected to this one.

    In the absence of more information from the FBI or the UK authorities, those are the only details that have been made public. Nevertheless, it is noteworthy how closely the specifics of the arrest mirror the suspicions and charges uncovered by earlier coverage of the Rockstar breach.

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