Tech2Sports (Beta)

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Shopping Made Easier

Are you smartphone addict, bored to shop from our website? Get our new app for the Android platform and shop your favourite products from our website right through your app.

From Computer parts to Sports products we’ve got all covered, from football shoes to pen drives. All your products under one roof and in a single app helping you to shop at your comfort anytime you want.

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A simple product page that focuses on what you need and describes it well so that you can buy the right product. See reviews of the product or post your own review regarding the product.

Get personalized recommendations on to the product that you seek to buy.

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Intuitive App Home Page

Get all the categories of products from which you can choose your desired one to explore all the products of it. Know all offers, coupons at our app home page and apply them or use them to get discounts at the checkout page. 

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browse through Hundreds OF PRODUCTS EASILY


Never get bored while shopping, swipe though hundreds of products from a wide range of categories.

Make your account or connect your Tech2Sports account and keep shopping via app easily.

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Simple Checkout

Ordering a product is now much more simple, during check out you’ll have 4 steps to follow:

  1. Fill in your Billing address details including your name, company/house name, street name, city, state and pin code.
  2. Confirm your shipping details.
  3. Review the order details and confirm before payment.
  4. Pay via Razorpay which lets you pay through Credit/Debit Cards, Wallets, NetBanking & UPI or Paytm.
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Just WISH, And you’ll get you want

Buying products has become even more simple, Just add product you like to your wishlist, access it anytime you want.

Add to cart any product & checkout whenever you feel like. Shopping has just got easier with the app. 

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Tech2sports android app

Its just the beginning, this is the first Beta version of our app, tailored for your use. Access the app anytime you want and within few clicks your order is placed.

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Easy to Use 

Secure and Friendly

Intuitive UI design

Very Convenient and Useful

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As this is a beta release the app might be unstable sometimes, we are working to improve our servers and make a better app in the coming days.