Club nutritionist reveals, Cristiano Ronaldo has influenced his Al-Nassar teammates with strict diets

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    Cristiano Ronaldo is having a positive influence at the Al Nassar dressing room, reveals the club nutritionist. The Portuguese star joined the club last month for a whopping £175 m a year, and his impact is already visible both on and off the field. 

    Cristiano Ronaldo has a significantly influence on his Al Nassar teammates, reveals club nutritionist

    That Cristiano Ronaldo has a strong impact on his new team on the field is evident from the Saudi Pro League table standings, where they are at the top. The striker has already scored five goals. 

    However, the impact is strong enough for the camera too. The club’s Spanish nutritionist, Jose Blesa, who flies to Al Nassar once a month to help the team, has revealed certain insights on Ronaldo’s impact on his teammates. 

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    Speaking to a Spanish publication, Ideal, Blesa said that in the beginning, he wasn’t sure how it would be to work with Ronaldo, but he admitted that it’s actually great to deal with him. He said, 

    “I was uncertain like everyone else, about what it was going to be like to work with him and if the club was going to change a lot, but I haven’t found a professional footballer other than him. He is the first to arrive at training and the last to leave. 

    Cristiano helps me a lot because we no longer can teach him anything, but he creates a school around him. The rest of the player does what he does because everything he does is wonderful to improve their performance. Since he has been here, all the players have trained more intensely and followed a stricter diet. 

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    I have not seen a club like this in which the players improve practically 90 percent in their body composition. Every time I see them, they have less fat and more muscle, and they do all the exercise at their fingertips. It’s a luxury to work here.”

    Incredible unstoppable at 38

    Even at 38, Cristiano Ronaldo seems not to stop, still hitting fitness goals and creating the best impact both on and off the field!

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